Custom ERP System


Many companies, large & small, want to do more with their current ERP systems. From a production manager who wants to reduce inventory by gaining a better understanding of his supply chain, to the CEO who has a dream of connecting her production schedule to locational based weather-reports. Production ERP systems allow configuration that will cover most of the common business processes, making them marketable to a largely varied audience. However, because of this “one-size-fits-all approach, many specific business needs that could create competitive advantage are not being met.

How We Can Help?

  • We augment and extend your existing system so that it matches your needs perfectly and adjust as your organization grows using our Xenodes.
  • Our technology can connect and bridge systems within and outside firewalls, as well as in the cloud.
  • Our Xenodes enable firms to more rapidly and more effectively implement improvements in their business processes.


Smaller companies are looking to get the benefits of a large ERP system, but don’t have the capital available to invest in these systems. We are able to organically develop a system that will integrate any existing systems, and can grow as the company grows. A small local manufacturer will be able to track inventory and shipments, accept purchase orders and complete accounting, but won’t be hindered by trying to navigate the hundreds of other unnecessary features of large ERP suites.