Excel to ERP Update


Companies, large and small, that have ERP systems are required to enter data into their system. This data can then be used and manipulated within the system. The problem lies in the fact that this data input is often an arduous and nearly always a manual process.

How We Can Help?

Our xenodes are the perfect solution to help companies lower their cost of data input. Each xenode can be placed within an existing system’s framework and can act as a middle man that will translate raw data, and then feed it directly into the ERP tables.


A large manufacturer receives weekly shipment update spreadsheets from an overseas supplier. They currently have 2 employees working to receive, enter and analyze the raw excel data. We have xenodes in our library that can quickly turn this arduous process into a competitive advantage for the firm. We can pull data automatically as emails come in, parse the data, and then present it to the user side-by-side with the existing ERP data. This user interface allows the user to make easy comparisons and filter entries according to importance. The user interface also allows for one-click updates of the new excel data directly into the ERP tables.