Existing Systems Integrations


The modern business has many different business systems that must co-exist. Often, there is little to no communication between these systems, resulting in in-efficiencies. The traditional solution to this problem would be to create a very large set of code that could offer communication between the different systems. But what happens if one of the systems changes, or you switch vendors? What about if you want to take these applications to the cloud? The large, static solution will need to be completely re-worked, resulting in high-costs and lost time.

How We Can Help?

Nodally can create tiny Xenodes that will latch onto existing systems, and can mediate communications between them. The Xenodes can also extract important information from all systems, and send them to a central location for review (See Enterprise Dashboard). When you want to change systems, or send them to the cloud, Nodally’s solution can be quickly adapted to thrive under the new conditions. We also have the unique ability of preventing one of the largest headaches for Cloud Computing, vendor lock-in.

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The last decade offered many improvements to the way that business’s operate, and the way that they co-exist with their systems. Why not work with your systems to create efficiency, rather than working against these systems by creating one-size-fits-all solutions. Nodally has revolutionized 21st century business, and we want to partner with you to boost you to the top of your industry. CONTACT US TODAY!