Inventory Control


Globalization and outsourcing have led to longer lead times. Suppliers and partners that used to be just down the street, are now across the ocean. This has caused supply chain logistics to become more complex. Closed loop supply chain systems give the visibility needed to adjust to the realities of globalized supply chains.

How We Can Help?

Nodally can help you to "close the loop" with your suppliers and partners to provide better logistic visibility and to identify the opportunity to make timely adjustments. Existing manufacturing systems may not have the capabilities to tighten these communications with suppliers. Nodally can quickly wrap and extend existing systems, and use their naturally produced information to create better business value.


A manufacturer has a yard that can only fit one truck at a time. This created a need for daily schedules of shipments to ensure that the operation was running efficiently. We can close the loop with their suppliers to enable hourly scheduling and updates.

Another example is large manufacturers that have large amounts of capital tied up in inventory. By closing the loop of communication between the different systems, we can help move them towards daily shipments and JIT inventory.

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